Sales Literature

Product Information for Bloom Manufacturing Winches and More

The more you know about your winch, the better you’re able to use it. Access complete product information for winches, speed reducers, capstans and accessories below. Featuring performance charts and specifications, the provided sales literature can help you learn about your winch’s capabilities. Simply click the PDF you want to view to learn more about your Bloom Manufacturing product.

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Bloom™ Cable Winches
1000 Galv Series
1000 Series

Bloom Series 1000 Cable Winch

1000 Vanging Galv Series
1000 Vanging Series
1000C Galv Series
1000C Series

Bloom Series 1000C Cable Winch

1000HC Galv Series
1000HC Series

Bloom Series 1000 HC Cable Winch

1000KC Galv Series
1000KC Series

Bloom Series 1000KC Cable Winch

1100 Series
1100C Series
1100HC Series
1200 Galv Series
1200 Series
1200HC Galv Series
1200HC Series
1400 Galv Series
1400 Series
1400C Galv Series
1400C Series
1400KC Galv Series
1400KC Series
1600 Galv Series
1600 Series
1600C Galv Series
1600C Series
1600KC Galv Series
1600KC Series
2000HC Series
2000KC Series
2100HC Series
2100KC Series
2200HC Series
2200KC Series
2300HC Series
2300KC Series
3000KC Series
3200KC Series
4000KC Series
4200KC Series
7000KC Series
800 Series
8000KC Series
800C Series
800HC Series
Bloom™ Hydraulic Speed Reducers
1000 and 1100 Galv Speed Reducer
1000 and 1100 Speed Reducers
1000H Galv Speed Reducer
1000H Speed Reducer
1000K Galv Speed Reducer
1000K Speed Reducer
1100K Speed Reducer
1200 Galv Speed Reducer
1200 Speed Reducer
1400 Galv Speed Reducer
1400 Speed Reducer
2000H Speed Reducer
2200K Speed Reducer
800 Speed Reducer
Bloom Capstan Winches
1000 and 1100V Capstan
1000 and 1100V Galv Capstan
1100VSS Galv Capstan
1400 Capstan
1400 Galv Capstan
2000H Capstan
2000H Galv Capstan
Series 2000H Low Profile Capstan
Lift-Safe® Cable Winches
LS10H Galv Series
LS10H Series
LS10H Vanging Galv Series
LS10H Vanging Series
LS10K Galv Series
LS10K Series
LS11H Series
LS12H Galv Series
LS12H Series
LS14K Galv Series
LS14K Series
LS16K Galv Series
LS16K Series
LS20H Series
LS20K Series
LS21H Series
LS21K Series
LS22H Series
LS22K Series
LS23H Series
LS23K Series
LS30K Series
LS32K Series
LS40K Series
LS42K Series
LS70K Series
LS80K Series
LS8H Series