Service Documents

Assembly and Disassembly Information

Make the most of your Bloom Manufacturing winches with downloadable owners manuals detailing all the safety, warranty, maintenance and repair, installation, and operation information you need. Gain even more how-to help with assembly instructions, which lay out crucial information to operate your Cable Winch, Speed Reducer, Safety Break, and Check Valve Kit with maximum efficiency.

All files available in PDF Format. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print files.

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Disassembly/Assembly Bloom™ Cable Winches
800, 1000 & 1100 Series Winches
800HC, 1000HC & 1100HC Series Winches
800C, 1000C & 1100C Series Winches
800WC & 1000WC Series Winches
1000KC Series
1200 & 1200C Series
1200WC Series
1400 & 1600 Series
1400C & 1600C Series
1400KC & 1600KC Series
2000HC Series
2000KC Series
2000WC Series
2100HC, 2200HC & 2300HC Series
2100KC, 2200KC & 2300KC Series
3000KC, 3200KC, 4000KC & 4200KC Series
Disassembly/Assembly Lift-Safe® Cable Winches
LS8H, LS10H, LS11H and LS12H Series Winches
LS8W & LS10W Series Winches
LS10K Series
LS12K Series
LS12W Series
LS14K & LS16K Series
LS20H Series Winch
LS20K Series Winch
LS20W Series Winch
LS21H, LS22H & LS23H Series Winches
LS21K, LS22K & LS23K Series Winches
LS28K Series
LS30K, LS32K, LS40K & LS42K Series Winches
LS70K Series
LS80K Series Winch
Disassembly/Assembly Bloom™ Hydraulic Speed Reducers
1000, 1000K & 1100 Series Speed Reducers
1000H, 1100H Series Speed Reducers
1200 Series Speed Reducers
1400 Series Speed Reducers
2000H Series Speed Reducers
2200 Series Speed Reducers
Disassembly/Assembly Miscellaneous
Oil Cooled Adjustable Automatic Safety Brake for 1200, 1200C & Speed Reducer
Replacement of Clutch Handle & Yoke for All 800, 1000, 1100 & 1200 Series
Replacement of Hand Brake for 6226 Winch
W-3499K Check Valve Kit for H Series Motors
W-3972K Check Valve Kit for EatonCharLynn 2000 Series Motors
Bloom™ Hydraulic Cable Winches and All Capstan Winches Owners Manuals
800, 1000, 1100, 1100V, 1200, 1400, 1400V, 1600 and Capstan Series
800C,1000C, 1100C, 1200C, 1400C and 1600C Series
800HC, 1000HC, 1100HC and 1200HC Series
800WC, 1000WC and 1200WC Series
1000KC, 1200KC, 1400KC and 1600KC Series
2000HC, 2000KC and 2000WC Series
2100HC, 2100KC, 2200HC, 2200KC, 2300HC and 2300KC Series
3000KC, 3200KC, 4000KC and 4200KC Series
Lift-Safe® Hydraulic Cable Winches Owners Manuals
LS8H, LS10H, LS11H and LS12H Series
LS8W, LS10W and LS12W Series
LS10K, LS12K, LS14K and LS16K Series
LS20H, LS20K and LS20W Series
LS21H, LS21K, LS22H, LS22K, LS23H and LS23K Series
LS30K, LS32K, LS40K and LS42K Series
LS70K Series
LS80K Series
Bloom™ Hydraulic Speed Reducers Owners Manuals
800, 1000, 1100, 1200, 1400 Series
800W, 1000W & 1200W Series
1000H, 1100H & 1200H Series
2000 Series
2200 Series