At Bloom Manufacturing, we make winches for a variety of jobs. But do you know what you can use your winch for? Each winch has a different capacity for how much it can lift or pull, and we want to make sure your winch is doing what you need it to. So, to demonstrate the full capabilities of our winches, we’ve outlined what you can expect to do with your winch. 

What Can I Lift With a 10-Ton Winch? 

Whether you’re lifting or pulling, a 10-ton winch gives you a lot of power to pull heavy things. Bloom winches are used in the construction, conservation, marine, and utility industries. With Blooms 10-ton winches, you can lift or pull anything weighing up to 20,000 pounds, including: 

  • Steel beams 

  • Lumber 

  • Small boats 

  • “Sue” the T-Rex at the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History 

  • An elephant should the need ever arise 

10-ton pulling winch: Bloom Series 1600 

10-ton lifting winch: Bloom LS16 

What Can I Lift With a 20-ton Winch? 

Bloom’s 20-ton winches can lift or pull anything that a 10-ton winch can and are built for versatility in the same industries. But let’s take a look at some of the fun things you can use a 20-ton winch for: 

  • The Big Ben bell 

  • A cruise ship anchor 

  • A loaded school bus 

  • A fire truck 

  • An average-sized whale shark 

20-ton pulling winch: Bloom Series 4000 

20-ton lifting winch: Bloom LS40 

What Can I Lift With a 30-ton Winch? 

Look, 30 tons is a lot. But if you need to lift or pull something that weighs 60,000 pounds, Bloom has pulling and lifting winches for you. Here are some 30-ton things you can handle with a Bloom Winch: 

  • An excavator 

  • A snow plow 

  • A Catamaran yacht 

  • The sarsen stones of Stonehenge 

30-ton pulling winch: Bloom Series 8000 

30-ton lifting winch: Bloom LS80 

Are you going to need to lift things this heavy with your Bloom winch? Probably not. But the point is that you can trust your winch to get the job done when you need to. Contact Bloom Manufacturing to learn more about our winch solutions.