Series 4000KC planetary cable winch

Series 4000

Models: 4000KC

Capacity: up to 35000 lbs

Series 4000KC hydraulic winches are designed for a wide range of applications. Series 4000KC clutch drive winches are equipped with a sliding clutch to allow free-spooling of the drum for pulling and dragging applications including factory material handling, mining and logging equipment, flat bed trailers, air freight pullers and off the road tractors. Series 4000KC is equipped with hydraulic Fail-Safe Brake.

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Series 4000 Features

  • Gear Case

    Made of high-strength steel. Completely sealed for oil enclosed operation and to keep dirt out.

  • Planetary Gear

    High Efficiency Double Reduction – Rugged - Built to Last.

  • Gear Ratio

    27:1 standard.

  • Bearings

    Drum Shaft is supported by three heavy duty oil lubricated ball bearings in gear case and end housing.

  • Drum Sahft

    4” diameter heat -treated alloy steel

  • Cable Drum

    Tough all steel construction resists breakage and warping.

  • Clutch

    Series 4000KC winches comes equipped with heat-treated dog type clutch to provide free-spooling of the winch drum. Positive lock-in and lock-out.

  • Motor-Brake

    DUET-SAFE® Double Action Braking System combines a powerful spring applied, hydraulic released motor-brake with a double counter balance brake valve to automatically hold loads when hydraulic pressure is released and control speed during lowering operations. Winch is ideal for high-speed pulling applications or wherever load holding is critical.

  • Models

    40K-11.9M-S18C-27 , 40K-11.9M-L18C-27 , 40K-11.9M-XL18C-27 , 40K-15.0M-S18C-27 , 40K-15.0M-L18C-27 , 40K-15.0M-XL18C-27


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