Three construction works looking over information at a jobsite
How Industrial Winches Help Your Jobsite

In the heavy-duty construction, mining, and various industrial sectors, efficient equipment is the key to success. Among the many tools that play a crucial role in these industries, industrial winches stand out as versatile workhorses. Whether it's...

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Winch in use outdoors
5 Things That Could Be Affecting Your Winch

Winches provide invaluable assistance in various industries, from construction to transportation. Like any other mechanical device, however, winches can be affected by a range of factors that impact their performance and longevity. Understanding the potential...

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logging winch
Forestry and Logging Winches

At Bloom Manufacturing, we offer reliable winches for a variety of industries. Winches can be very useful within the forestry and logging industries. In today's blog, we will share with you the best winch options for use in the forestry and logging...

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fishing winch
Fishing and Marine Winches

If you work within the fishing and marine industries and are looking for reliable and durable winch solutions, you are in the right place! Bloom Manufacturing provides winch options for many different applications for fishing and marine use. Continue...

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winch types
Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Winch Types

With all the winch options available, it may be difficult to differentiate between them and decide which winch option will work best for you. In this blog, we are going to share with you the advantages and disadvantages of different winch types so...

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Commercial Winches

At Bloom Manufacturing, we have a variety of winches for many different industries. Our commercial winches have been serving a variety of industries for over 100 years. With many years of experience and expertise, we are able to provide the highest...

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winch or hoist
Do I Need a Winch or a Hoist?

When a new project arises, the question of “do I need a winch or a hoist?” may be a difficult one to answer. It may seem like a winch and hoist essentially do the same thing as they are used to lift objects, but both tools are unique and...

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Principles of Science Within A Worm Gear Winch

Winches are designed to pull heavy loads and objects. Bloom Worm Gear Pulling Winches can pull large loads up to 20,000 pounds. There is a lot of science behind it and multiple simple machines that go into a winch to make it work properly. Continue...

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Bloom Winch
Leading Industrial Winch Innovation

Our History  Bloom Manufacturing was founded in 1910 in Independence, Iowa. That is over a hundred years of experience and innovation. Over the next couple of decades, Bloom Manufacturing continued to grow, and leadership was passed to Bloom’s...

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Custom Winch
Our Custom Winch Process

One of the biggest perks of working with Bloom Manufacturing is our turnaround time. Fully customizable capstan winches are ready within a few weeks – Not a few months like the other guys. Join us today as we walk through the process, from beginning...

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