Have you ever wondered what makes a winch so strong? Winches are great devices that help with pulling and lifting heavy equipment. The way that these devices are designed is what allows them to lift such heavy objects, so continue reading to find out what makes a winch so strong.  

What Is a Winch?  

A winch is a device used for hauling or lifting equipment. A winch contains a cable wire, drum, motor, and gear train. These components come together to allow the winch to work properly. Winches have many different uses and can be utilized in a variety of industries including marine craft, waste and refuse, construction, and more! Winches come in many shapes, sizes, and strengths with different features for a variety of applications.  

How Does It Work?  

Cable Wire 

A cable wire or winch cable is wrapped around the drum and is let out by a winch. Winch cables are typically made up of steel or synthetic fiber.  


A drum is another component of a winch, and it is what the cable wraps around. A drum is circular shaped and rotates in a circular motion in both directions to allow the cable to wind in or out.  


The motor is what powers the machine to allow the drum to rotate. Not all winches have a motor, but winches that do can work at a much faster rate than winches that don’t. 

Gear Train  

The gear train is the main component that allows the winch to pull heavy equipment. It converts the power given from the motor into pulling power.  

How Strong Are Our Winches? 

Here are a few of our strongest winch options and their maximum capacity: 

  1. Series LS 40 – up to 35,000 pounds!  

  1. Series 7000 – up to 55,000 pounds!  

  1. Series 8000 – up to 65,000 pounds!   

  1. Series LS 80 – up to 65,000 pounds!  

Winches are extremely strong devices designed to help lift and pull the heaviest machinery. Visit our website to view our selection of winch options and contact us today with any questions!