No matter what kind of winch you're searching for, Bloom Manufacturing has the solution for you. With lifting winches, pulling winches, capstan winches and speed reducers available that can handle a variety of capacities, we’re here to meet your needs. Check out these different types of winches we offer: 

Bloom Winches 

When pulling loads for drilling rigs, waste removal vehicles, construction or fishing, Bloom pulling winches come in handy. The pulling capacities meet any job requirements, available from 8,000 pounds to 65,000 pounds. These winches are offered in numerous options such as: 

Capstan Winches 

Capstan winches are primarily used on fishing boats and marine crafts, specifically for pot and net haulers and for dock and barge applications. They can also be used on vehicles in the utility industry. Based on these uses, capstan winches can be ordered galvanized. Here are the current ones we offer: 

Lift-Safe Winches 

Our Lift-Safe winches are fitted with our DUET-SAFE® Double Action Braking System to keep loads securely in place. They are designed with safety and usability in mind – we also offer galvanized solutions with different styles to meet any need. These are perfect for fishing boats, marine craft, waste packers, drill rigs and the construction industries. 

Speed Reducers 

Bloom Manufacturing’s speed reducers can be used across a wide range of mobile and stationary applications. All of our speed reducers can be used where slow speed, high torque, variable speed or reversing are required. Speed reducers are available in galvanized units, as well as in planetary gear or worm gear options. 

We understand there are numerous types of winches that operate in diverse ways – this can include electrical, hydraulic, hand, mechanical capstan, mechanical drum, mechanical portable, hybrid, air, and more. If your work needs a custom solution that has not been mentioned above, we can do that too. You can learn more about our Custom Winch Solutions here.