Forestry is an important industry both in the United States and across the world. Working in forestry can be difficult and is often dangerous. Because of this, forestry-focused companies are always looking for ways to make the work their employees do easier and safer. The pulling and lifting hydraulic winches made by Bloom Manufacturing are built for safety and ease of use. Let’s take a look at how winches help forestry workers do their job.  

Hydraulic Winches Aid in Difficult Terrain 

Forestry workers need to go where the timber is. In many cases, trees may be in difficult to reach areas that include: 

  • Steep hills 

  • Wetlands 

  • Slippery slopes 

When working in uneven terrain it’s important to give forestry workers the tools that allow them to remove the timber with as little effort as possible. Bloom’s hydraulic pulling winches can haul thousands of pounds of timber up a hillside. Not only is this safer for forestry workers, but it also makes the work go faster and improves efficiency.  

Which Hydraulic Winches Work Best for Forestry 

While Bloom Manufacturing makes winches for pulling and lifting, we recommend using capstan winches for forestry. But why do capstan winches work so well in forestry? Capstan winches have no limit on rope or cable length. Because the cable constantly spools around the drum, the only limit is the amount of cable you supply. Bloom’s capstan winches have a pulling capacity ranging from 3,000 pounds to 7,800 pounds and are available with a galvanized finish for extra protection from the elements.  

Contact Bloom Manufacturing for Your Forestry Winch Needs 

If you are in need of a capstan winch for your forestry business, you can depend on Bloom Manufacturing. Our winches are made with the best parts and are used all over the world. Please contact us to find out more about how we can meet all of your winch needs