Importance of Brakes in Winches 

Many winches that are constructed come with a safety feature known as a brake handle. This handle is located at the top of the winch drum or the side of the winch. When you use the brake handle, it allows for manual breaking of the winch. There are also many models that have an automatic emergency brake system that will automatically apply the brakes if the handle is pulled too hard. Having brakes on your winch is one of the most essential features for your safety when lifting and lowering large, heavy loads.  

Types of Brakes 

Manual Brakes 

Manual brakes are hand-operated. These allow for hand-operated brake release to disengage the winch. 

Automatic Brakes 

Often, winches already come with an automatic brake system. Automatic brake systems will automatically apply the brakes if the handle is pulled too hard. This safety feature ensures that there are no accidental runaway winches. 

Electric Brakes 

Some winches are already equipped with electric brakes. Electric brakes use the motor to apply the brakes. These brakes are usually used when lowering or raising the load in areas where there is easy access to electric power. 

DUET-SAFE® Double Action Braking System 

Here at Bloom Manufacturing, we have the DUET-SAFE® Double Action Braking System that combines a powerful spring applied, hydraulic released motor brake with a double counterbalance brake valve to automatically hold loads when hydraulic pressure is released and control speed during lowering operations. This winch is ideal for high-speed lifting and pulling applications or wherever load holding is critical.