We’ve created countless winches over the years at Bloom Manufacturing, ranging in size depending on the job at hand. All of our winches are pretty standard sizes, but we had one winch that sticks out. In this blog, we’re here to tell you about the biggest winch we’ve ever made. 

Line Pull Abilities 

In general, standard winches have a line pull between 8,000-20,000 pounds. This winch, on the other hand, has a 52,000-pound line pull! For reference, that means it can pull the weight of an adult Humpback Whale or an average-sized fire truck. 

Cable Spool Length 

When using a 1-1/8” cable, this winch can spool cable for 750 feet! For reference, that cable would be over four times the height of Niagara Falls. 

Weight of Winch 

A normal winch can weigh a few hundred pounds, even a thousand pounds if it’s on the bigger side. The biggest winch we’ve ever made weighs over 2,500 pounds. For reference, that's heavier than the average weight of a great white shark!  

What Kind of Jobs Are at Hand? 

This type of winch is going to be in the rail industry pulling rail cars as they fill them in. It will be set up alongside the rails and will go through a snatch block, pulling cars up beside it. 

We hope you found this blog interesting and informative in the world of winches! Interested in seeing what other types of winches we’ve made? Visit our website and feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about what products we offer.