When it comes to the topic of owning a winch, it is important that you understand parts of the winch to be able to use it correctly and know how the winch works. Some parts of the winch have special requirements that allow them to work effectively. Continue reading to find out what those requirements are to better understand the parts of your winch!  

Split Drum  

  • Occasionally some winches will require a split drum because they have two wires coming off the drum. A split drum can help prevent materials from being displaced and will help keep both sides of the drum working at the same speed. A split drum will also prevent the two wires from becoming tangled.  

Grooved Drum  

  • Placing a groove on the face of the drum will help ensure that the first layer of wire lays smoothly and correctly. The groove helps guide the wire so that it will sit neatly, and this will help to prevent damage.  

Level Wind  

  • Similarly, to the grooved drum, the level wind helps to ensure that wire is wrapped correctly on the drum. The level wind’s purpose is to help all layers of the wire wrap correctly.  


  • Some winches will require an epoxy topcoat for added protection. An epoxy topcoat is usually required with our winches that are being utilized in marine and fishing environments.  

Explosion Proof  

  • Winches that are used for certain industries will need to be explosion-proof. Explosion-proof wire and equipment will help ensure maximum safety while using the winch. Usually, industries that utilize drilling and construction winches will need to consider explosion-proof winch equipment.  

Understanding your winch is crucial to be able to use you’re the winch safely and effectively. Knowing what exactly your winch will need depending on what type of job needs to be done will ensure maximum performance and efficiency. If you have any questions about the parts of your winch and what your winch needs for the specific industry it will be used in, contact our team today for further information!