Winches are amazing tools that make the work we do so much easier, but if not used properly, they can lead to many problems. Improper use can result in dangerous situations, injuries, and bigger messes than what you’re already dealing with. Here are Bloom’s best practices and guidelines that you must follow to ensure safety and efficiency when using winches. 

Examine Your Winch 

Before you begin using the winch, make sure it’s ready to go with everything in place. Take the time to inspect the winch and check over each area to ensure there is no damage or kinks before use. This should be done every time you use the machine. 

Use a Solid Anchor Point 

Secondly, you must find a strong place to anchor your winch such as a tree, stump, or another vehicle. If you use a tree as the anchor point, you must make sure you use a tree strap instead of a chain so that you don’t damage the tree being used. Without a strong anchor point, you will run into issues and the winch will not be successful.  

Ensure the Hook Faces Up 

Making sure that the hook is facing upwards when it comes time to attach the winch line ensures that if the hook fails, it’s forced to go down into the ground. This avoids a flying hook that can be detrimental to the steel cable and synthetic rope. 

Avoid Shock Loads 

You should stay away from any jerking or sharp movements which could result in broken anchor points or a snapped rope. It’s best to go slow and steady and be patient as the winch does the work. 

Keep Your Distance 

A good rule of thumb is to stand a further distance away from the winch as the distance of the line. For example, if the line is 15 feet long, then everyone should stand 20-30 feet away from the winch. This ensures that everyone is out of harm's way in case the line was to break.  

Have One Spotter 

Its very helpful to have someone instructing you on when to go, stop, and turn. A spotter’s clear view allows for an easier and smoother winching process. 

At Bloom Manufacturing, we value safety and believe that following these practices will guarantee a better ordered winching process. Let us help you by providing you with our winch solutions. Check us out today and see all that we have to offer!