Winches are complex machines that have many important parts. A winch consists of a crank or motor, a rotating drum, cable, gears, and other parts. We wanted to share what these parts are, so keep on reading to learn more! 


There are two types of direct current (DC) motors that can be used in a winch. The first is a Permanent Magnet Motor. This motor uses a magnetic field to operate and there are no field coils. A PMDC motor also uses less battery power, however, it is better suited for light to medium winching. A Series-Wound Motor uses field coils to generate a magnetic field. This motor is powerful and very efficient. It is best suited for heavy winching but is more expensive. 

Planetary Gears 

Planetary gears are quite common and are used to slow down motors in a compact space. They are great when you need high torque but little speed. Planetary gears are very efficient and compact, making them extremely popular, but also expensive. 

Worm Gear 

Worm gears are strong and simple. They are incredibly quiet and usually self-locking, so they are great for lifting things like elevators. One drawback is that they have a low efficiency rate compared to other gears.  


A winch cable is a rope or cable that is let out by a winch. These cables usually consist of steel or fiber. Fiber cables are flexible and lightweight making them very versatile. Steel cables are heavy-duty, hold their shape and are exceptionally durable, making them perform longer. 


A drum is a component in a winch. A cable is wrapped around the drum, which is attached to the motor, to pull heavy objects. The drum can turn in both directions, letting the cable out or bringing cable in.  

While winches are complex machines, it is important to find a winch that will work best for you and your needs. Feel free to visit our website or contact us with any questions you may have!