Its critical to take care of your winch to ensure its quality, efficiency, and lifespan. There are several measures you can take to prevent or take care of any maintenance issues you may run into with your winch. This blog will share some simple tips and tricks that you can do regularly to keep your winch in excellent condition and to avoid the headache of inoperable machinery. 

Before and After Use: Look for Kinks or Damages 

If you notice that there is damage, you should replace the cable as soon as possible. You should never use an impaired winch line as it can lead to a break of the cable. You want the rope to be strong and able to pull whatever it needs to.  

Ensure That the Cable is Dry and Clean 

Any dust or debris in the cable could cause damage to the drum of the winch. If you’re using a non-waterproof winch, open it up after use, let it dry, and re-lubricate the gears as needed.  

The Cable Should Be Spooled Neatly and Evenly On the Drum 

When spooling the line, you should make sure its tight and even. A neat cable makes for smoother future use and avoids any knots or tangles that you must deal with when you need to use your winch next. 

Refresh the Electric Outlets and Connections Regularly 

Make sure that your battery is in working order and will have no issues for the next use. Check for corrosion in the outlets and terminals and clean any corrosion that you find. This will help your battery remain well performing and not die on you.  

Power Up the Cable  

If the winch isn’t regularly used, moisture buildup within the machine can occur. Running the winch once a month will help to generate some heat throughout the machine and prevent any moisture. Warming up the motor for a couple of minutes will also help to lubricate the winch gears. 

Secure the Mounting Bolts 

Examine the bolts of your winch and look for any loose areas. Fasten any loose bolts you see to ensure that there is proper torque for your winch. 

Keep yourself and everyone around you safe by caring for your winch and providing the necessary maintenance. Proper winch care will lead to longer lasting quality performance and strength. Although, winches do not last forever. If you’re experiencing issues with your winch that the care and maintenance cannot fix, reach out to Bloom today and consider upgrading to a Bloom winch that you will love.