Series 1400 Galvanized Capstan

Models: 1400 Galv Capstan, 1400K Galv Capstan, 1400V Galv Capstan, 1400KC Galv Capstan

Capacity: up to 7800 lbs

Series 1400 Galvanized Capstan Winches are specifically designed to handle the daily needs of the utility industry The Series 1400 Galvanized Capstan Winches provide optimum performance in marine applications and environments. Bloom Capstan Winches are commonly used as pot and net haulers, and for dock and barge applications.

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Series 1400 Galvanized Capstan Features

  • Gear Case

    Made of high strength cast iron. Completely sealed for oil enclosed operation and to keep dirt out.

  • Worm Shaft

    One piece alloy steel hardened and ground to insure long service.

  • Worm Gear

    High tensile aluminum-nickel alloy bronze. Use of optimum lead and pressure angles transmit maximum power to the drum efficiently.

  • Gear Ratio

    25:1 and 12.5:1 ratios provide optimum efficiency in power and speed.

  • Bearings

    Worm gear and worm shaft run on tapered roller bearings in an oil enclosed gear case.

  • Output Shaft

    2-1/4” diameter heat -treated alloy steel minimum tensile strength 150,000 psi.

  • Capstan

    Cast aluminum - keyed to shaft.

  • Motor Mount

    SAE(A) 2-bolt flange. 1-1/4” woodruff keyed motor shaft. Motor is directly coupled into worm shaft. No separate coupling required.

  • Optional K Brake (1400K Galv & 1400VK Galv)

    Optional spring applied hydraulic release fail-safe brake automatically holds load when hydraulic pressure is released.

  • Models

    14-6.2-SR-CAP-25-GALV , 14-6.2-SR-CAP-12.5-GALV


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